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What do Hermit Crabs Eat? 

Land Hermit Crab

Hermit Crabs can be categorised into two groups:
Land Hermit Crabs & Marine Hermit Crabs.

They are both members of the crustacean family and are largely related to the lobster. They both have distinct differences in their habitats, behaviour, and adaptations to their environments.
Marine Hermit Crabs in Australia usually have a darker or black thinner body with less hair and are often known to have yellow feet, they breathe underwater and cannot survive on land. Another important fact is they don't eat the same food as Land Hermit Crabs, as their diet is more of an ocean-driven diet. 

Land Hermit Crabs in Australia often range in many colours like white, grey, pink, pale, brown or orange. They own hairy legs and usually have larger legs/pinchers. They survive on land and are known to be an omnivorous scavenger so they can eat a wider range of food. 
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Marine Hermit Crab


Land Hermit Crab

Important Hermit Crab Food/ Supplement