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Are you looking to treat your beloved land hermit crabs with a diverse and safe range of foods? Introducing 'Cathy's Creations AU' Sample Pack, a delightful selection of 18 nutritious, chemical-free, organic-driven, and pesticide-free Hermit Meal Samples. With every ingredient listed, you can have peace of mind knowing exactly what your hermit crabs are indulging in while offering them a variety of healthy options!

Introducing our delightful 18 Hermie Pack Menu filled with scrumptious options for your hermit crabs:
Strawberry Popcorn 🍓🍿
Popcorn Date Salad 🥗🍿📅
Cranberry & Coconut Stew 🥥🍒🥥
Everything Favourite 🥕🌽🍅
Hermie Fruit Salad 🍒🫐🍇
Protein Supplements 🍤💪
Apple & Chilli Salad 🌶️🍎🥗
Rose Petal Salad 🌹🥗
All things Seed 🎉🌱
Garden Melody 🍝🌿🥬
Crunchy Mix 🐚🐚🐚
Botanical Garden Salad 💐🥗
Eat Your Greens 🌱🥬🥦
Nutty Mix 🥜🥜🥜🤗
Unicorn Mix 🦄🌈
Seafood Platter Mix 🦀🍤🐟
Have some more Veges 🥕🍅🌽
Summer Mix 🌞🌴🍉
Additionally, you'll receive a FREE Surpise Gift!!! 💢❤️💢❤️💢

These foods are high in Protein, Vitamin A, B, C, E, Calcium and many more as well as having a long shelf life! Our Dried Foods last three time as long as your Fresh Foods moulding in your crabitat and are handy to have for a wide variety of flavours, nutrients, and sustenance to keep your hermit crabs healthy, thriving and energised.

100% Natural, No preservatives, No Chemicals, No pesticides, No Colourants or Unsafe Foods. We source our 'Hermie Safe Food List' from the updated LHCOS Facebook Page that is available to the public and all our all our ingredients and our feeding instructions are listed on the sealable packets.

Every order will come with a brand-new FREE feeding spoon, use a spoonful daily or until food is spoiled.

18 Hermie Sample Pack - Hermit Crab Food

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Sample Size
Subscribe & Save 10%
$22.50every month until canceled
  • Using the small mini spoon that is provided in every order, place a spoonful of food in the hermit crabs tank and remove/refill until spoiled or eaten.  

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