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Cathy wished to make it easier for Australians to give to the World-Wide-Changing Famous American Organization, So we took the time to offer this chance to donate to help fund the Land Hermit Crab's Owner's Society & Claws in the Classroom to make a change to the devastating, heartbreaking and overall disgusting animal abusive that goes on behind close doors to Land Hermit Crabs. The misinformation being spread across Australia is appalling about a 'disposable' and 'cheap' creature that is sold in almost every pet store.


Please Know that THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT, This is a donation of your choice one of two amazing American organisations that help with education, research, improve the lives of captive land hermit crabs and supports the moment that 'HERMIT CRABS ARENT DISPOSABLE PETS!'.


I C.A.R.E. About Hermit Crabs Charity: 

LHCOS advocates to improve the lives of captive land hermit crabs and protect and preserve wild hermit crabs, their habitat and resources like shells.

LHCOS Core Values:

Conservation & Community


Research & Rescue



Claws in the Classroom Charity:

Claws in the Classroom is a brand new program launched in 2018.

Teachers with classroom hermit crabs can receive free supplies to set up a proper habitat with the correct products.

To date educational grant programs are providing the wrong products and teachers are forced to buy the correct items themselves at their own expense.

With your support we are able to assist teachers by providing the correct supplies. In addition to cash donations we accept gently used supplies as well.

Advocacy begins with educating the children who are the target market for hermit crabs.


Thankyou so much for taking the time to invest in a bigger movement that supports even the smallest of pet lives. 


Your Donation will be converted to US $ and Sent to Land Hermit Crab Owners Society. 
There will be a small fee to transfer and convert AUD to US which is already included in the price. Once donated you will recieve a Thankyou message and screenshot of your donation proof. 

Your Donation to Land Hermit Crab Charity

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