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Introducing Our Large Packet of Healthy Food Delights - The Perfect Blend of Nature's Bounty for Your Adorable Rabbits, Guineapigs and Hermit Crabs!

Are you looking for a wholesome, wide-range and nutritious foods for your adorable rabbits, guineapigs and for your little hermit crabs? Our Online Pet Shop, Cathy’s Creations AU has crafted a delectable selection of ingredients, carefully chosen to satisfy your pets’ cravings while promoting their overall well-being. With our healthy food treats, you have the power to create a custom treat blend that perfectly suits your Hermie/furry friends’ tastes. 

We offer three different categories of ingredients: Favourite Foods, Foraged Foods, and Flower Foods. 

For Large, Choose any six (6) ingredients from any category to create a personalized treat mix that will have your pets hopping with joy!

Customise Your Order: 
Choose from the following listed foods. 

Our Foraged Foods selection includes:
1.    Mulberry Leaves - A delectable source of fibre and essential vitamins.
2.    Mulberry Wood/Sticks/Twigs - Ideal for exercising hermies pinches and rabbits chewing, promoting dental health and satisfaction. (Our wood is roughly 11cm in length, four sticks per large bag- two sticks per sample bag)
3.    Mint - A refreshing herb that aids digestion and adds a burst of flavour.
4.    Basil - Packed with antioxidants and a tantalizing aroma.
5.    Parsley - A nutrient-rich herb that supports healthy digestion and freshens breath.
6.    Carrot Tops - A crunchy and vitamin-rich treat that bunnies and hermit crabs adore.

And for Flower Foods, we offer:
1.    Rose Petals - helps reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure.
2.    Calendula/Marigold - Known for its soothing properties and vibrant colour.
3.    Cornflower - A beautiful and tasty addition that provides antioxidants.
4.    Camomile - Promotes relaxation and aids in digestion.
5.    Wild Dandelion - Lots of Calcium, Useful as an appetite stimulant in times of illness and a favourite among every animal.
6.    Lavender - Calming and aromatic, perfect for creating a serene environment.

For Favourite Foods, we have:
1.    Australian Oats - A wholesome grain that provides energy and dietary fibre.
2.    Papaya - A tropical fruit rich in vitamins and digestive enzymes.
3.    Spinach - A leafy green packed with nutrients and essential minerals.
4.    Kale - A superfood that supports overall health and vitality.
5.    Dried Strawberries - A sweet and tangy treat that satisfies cravings.
6.    Banana - A favourite fruit of bunnies and hermit crabs, packed with potassium and natural sweetness.

7. We also have Freshly Dehydrated Pear! Now in Stock! You may choose this as your selection.

100% Natural Ingredients, NO Preservatives, NO Chemicals. NO Seeds or Nuts, No Binder or Sugar, 100% YOUR CHOICE.

Our Freshly Gathered, Washed, Dehydrated Ingredients:
Mulberry Leaves (More than 4 leaves), ORGANIC
Mulberry Wood (Four 11cm pieces of wood), ORGANIC
Mint (Stem & Leaves) HUMAN GRADE, ORGANIC
Basil (Stem and Leaves) HUMAN GRADE, ORGANIC
Parsley (Stem and Leaves) HUMAN GRADE, ORGANIC
Carrot Tops (Steam and Leaves) 
Rose Petals (Petals) HUMAN GRADE
Calendula/Marigold (Petals) HUMAN GRADE
Cornflower (Petals) HUMAN GRADE
Camomile (Buds and Leaves) HUMAN GRADE, ORGANIC
Wild Dandelion (Flowers and crushed Leaves) ORGANIC
Lavender (Petals) HUMAN GRADE, ORGANIC
Australian Oats (Full Oats) HUMAN GRADE
Papaya (Flesh, No Skin) HUMAN GRADE
Spinach (Freshly Dried) HUMAN GRADE
Kale (Stem and Leaves) HUMAN GRADE
Strawberries (Fruit and Leaves) HUMAN GRADE
Banana (Fruit) HUMAN GRADE

Pear (Fruit) HUMAN GRADE

Despite the fact that our products are of human-grade quality and incredibly delicious, they are not intended for human consumption.

Your six (6) ingredients will be cleaned, dried, packed together and then shipped off in a 5.5 by 7.8 inch (external measurement) Ziplock bag for you & your pets locked-in freshness.
Sample: Your three (3) ingredients will be cleaned, dried, packed together in a 5.8 by 3.8 inch (external measurement) Ziplock bag for you & your pets locked-in freshness.

Please keep in mind that this Listing is 'Made-to-Order' so it usually takes us 1-2 business days to clean, cook & gather all the ingredients cooked fresh just for you. :) 


These treats are natural, and we try to keep out ingredients as organic as possible and using a measurement of at least two tablespoons for each ingredient. They may not be perfectly uniform or exactly shaped as image. However, the quality and ingredients will not change. 

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out and message our shop. :) 

If you are feeding your adult rabbits and/or guinea pigs, please feed with a handful of their new food in their habitat as needed. Introduce new food slowly to avoid GI Statis, starting with a tablespoon per day. Avoid placing new snacks on top of their existing food initially. Instead, create enthusiasm about the new treats and emphasize how tasty they are. Make sure Guinea pigs & Rabbits have unlimited access to grass hay & water at all times. Be extra careful feeding young bunnies (below 6 months) because their tummies are extra sensitive to new foods consult with your vet for extra advice.



Thank you so much for checking out out and Supporting my small business, we hope you buy with us and treat your little Hermie crabs, Rabbits, & Guineapigs. 🥳🎊🎉💯🐚
Happy Shopping!


Express & Tracking Australia Post Options are available.

Large Pack of Rabbit, Guineapig, Hermit Crab Food | Healthy Delight

  • Please note that while we take utmost care in packaging and shipping our products, our shop is not responsible for any damages that may occur during transit handled by Australia Post. For any concerns regarding the condition of your package upon delivery, please let us know so that we can improve & help in any way we can. We want to assure you that we place fragile stickers on every package to alert the shipping carriers of the delicate nature of the contents.

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