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These Hand-made, Home-Made, One-Of-A-Kind, Food-Safe containers/food bowls are perfect for many uses! We take great pride in designing everything ourselves and making your customised order the moment from your purchase!

Our food-safe resin takes 2 days to fully harden with your choice of colour (MYSTERY, GOLD, BLUE, or SILVER), then it is carefully packed, bubble wrapped, and shipped right to your door.
Every order is unique and different so you'll never get the same one twice! We have many options for you to choose from including the Shell, Clam, Flower & Apple Design. 

For Detailed Measurements:
Clam Design: L: 7cm, W: 6cm, H: 1.8cm (5.5cm diameter for inside compartment)

Flower Design: L: 12.5cm, W: 12.5, H: 2.5cm (2.3cm by 2-2.5cm for inside compartments)

Apple Design: L: 13cm, W: 12cm, H: 2.2cm (roughly 2cm to 2.5cm for inside compartments)
Shell Design:
3 Shell design: Diameter roughly 6cm 
7 Shell design: 6cm by 6cm 

We now have 4 & 6 Shell Designs in now! Please let us know if you would prefer this!


(3 Shell Design- SHELL Sizes: around 2.5cm-3cm,
7 Shell Design- SHELL Sizes: around 1cm-2cm)

For Weight:
Clam Design: 30g-45g
Shell Designs: 20-40g
Flower & Apple Design: 100g-150g

Resin Shell Food Bowls | Food Containers

  • Please note that while we take utmost care in packaging and shipping our products, our shop is not responsible for any damages that may occur during transit handled by Australia Post. For any concerns regarding the condition of your package upon delivery, please let us know so that we can improve & help in any way we can. We want to assure you that we place fragile stickers on every package to alert the shipping carriers of the delicate nature of the contents.

  • As a precaution Please Wash Your Food Tray with Water before placing it into the pet enclosure. Add a spoonful of each food flavours in your food trays/containers. 

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