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Introducing a range of diverse flavors for your hermit crabs' delight:

We have over 60 ingredients in our reciepes, each unique and each owning a variety of nutrients and choice.


Protein Supplement: This blend is designed to support hermit crabs during molting and prevent cannibalism. Packed with chicken, crickets, mealworms, and more, it ensures necessary nutrients for successful molts.

Apple n Chilli: A spicy blend with apple, chili, and carrot, offering a unique kick to your hermit crabs' dining. Chia seeds and paprika complement this mix for a flavorful experience.

Rose Salad: An exquisite blend with rose petals, seaweed, millet, almonds, and parsley, providing both nourishment and visual appeal.

All Things Seed: Crafted for hermit crabs fond of seeds, this mix offers pumpkin, chia, millet, poppy, hemp, and sunflower seeds for diverse textures and nutrients.

Seafood Platter: A delectable mix featuring fish, shrimp, prawns, and more, enhanced with astaxanthin to boost coloration and organ health.

Unicorn Mix: Edible dried flowers and fruits create a visually appealing and nutritious option for hermit crabs.

Lavender Popcorn: Aromatic lavender-infused puffed grains offer both crunch and calming scent.

Hermie Nana Mix: A banana-inspired delight with mulberry leaves, coconut, and banana for a fragrant treat.

Have Some More Veges: A healthy twist with kale, kelp, spinach, and more, providing essential nutrients and antioxidants.

Summer Mix: Coconut, shells, pineapple, and watermelon create a refreshing blend, while citrus-infused popcorn adds a tangy twist.

Hermie Fruit Salad: A hydrating and immune-boosting mix featuring coconut, strawberries, and various hermie-safe fruits.

Garden Melody: A fun different mix with matcha, quinoa and goji berries.

Crunchy Mix: This blend supports the exoskeleton with shells, millet, mealworms, and more for both crunch and nourishment.

Eat Your Greens: A nutrient-rich mix featuring spinach, barley grass, and more, promoting overall well-being.

Botanical Garden: Flower-based and foraged, this blend includes rose petals, calendula, and cornflower for natural behaviors and nutrients.

Nutty Mix: A diverse combination of seeds, including pepitas, almonds, grapes, pine nuts, and walnuts, offering various flavors and nutrients.

Strawberry Popcorn: Freeze-dried strawberries and unsalted popcorn create a naturally sweet treat.

Popcorn Date Popcorn: Dried dates and popcorn come together for a sweet and crunchy experience.

Coconut & Cranberry Stew: Organic coconut, cranberries, herbs, and spices create a savory and aromatic dish.

Everything Favourite: A mix of beloved components such as moss, passionfruit leaves, coconut and much more for a diverse dining experience.

Mango magic: A Mango blend freeze dried and dried🥭 with lots of nutty goodness.

Hermie's Strawberry Breakfast: Our Newest Mix made with organic strawberries, oats, quinoa, poppy seeds, blue cornflower and many more.



These foods are high in Protein, Vitamin A, B, C, E, Calcium and many more as well as having a long shelf life! Our Dried Foods last three times as long as your Fresh Foods moulding in your Crabitat and are handy to have for a wide variety of flavours, nutrients, and sustenance to keep your hermit crabs healthy, thriving and energised. Our hermit crab food is rich in proteins, vegetables/fruits, harvestables, fats, calcium, cellulose, carbohydrates, vitamins, carotenoids, astaxanthin, and beta-carotene.

100% Natural, No preservatives, No Chemicals, No pesticides, No Colourants or Unsafe Foods. We only source foods from the 'Hermie Safe Food List' from the updated LHCOS Facebook Page that is available to the public and all our all our ingredients and our feeding instructions are listed on the sealable packets.

Choose ANY of YOUR 24 Flavours - Hermit Crab Food

  • Please note that while we take utmost care in packaging and shipping our products, our shop is not responsible for any damages that may occur during transit handled by Australia Post. For any concerns regarding the condition of your package upon delivery, please let us know so that we can improve & help in any way we can. We want to assure you that we place fragile stickers on every package to alert the shipping carriers of the delicate nature of the contents.

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